Third-Party Integration

If you already use a preferred third-party service, you can integrate it with the SearchStax® service.


To link your SearchStax Alerting with your existing PagerDuty service:

  1. Click on the Third-party access in the main menu.
  2. Click on Alert with PagerDuty button.
  3. You will be redirected to the PagerDuty website.
  4. Confirm linking and follow the instructions.
  5. After you finish linking, you will be redirected back to the SearchStax account.

To stop pushing notifications to PagerDuty just click the Unlink button near the PagerDuty integration on the Third-party access page.

New Relic

Also see our New Relic setup tutorial for additional information.

To link your SearchStax-managed clusters with your existing New Relic monitoring, we support New Relic Servers and New Relic APM.

  1. Click on the Third-party access in the main menu.
  2. Click on a New Relic option.
  3. Enter your New Relic License key and Save.
  4. Select the Deployment you want to monitor with New Relic.
  5. Click on the gear button in the right corner and choose New Relic Settings.
  6. Check one or both of supported services.
  7. Save Changes. If you choose New Relic APM, process can wait usually up to two minutes, depending on the number of cluster nodes.
  8. You will start receiving data in a couple of minutes.

To disable one or both New Relic services, follow the process above and uncheck desired services.