What Sitecore/Solr combination are available?

Some Solr releases are compatible with some Sitecore releases. Other combinations may not work at all, or may seem to work until you encounter the incompatible feature at a later time.

SearchStax recommends certain specific combinations of Sitecore and Solr. We have prepared a Sitecore Plugin to help you set up these systems, and we are prepared to support our Premium Clients who go down that path.

We do not claim to be general Sitecore experts, and therefore cannot support Sitecore/Solr combinations that we have not tested and endorsed:

Our selection of supported combinations is derived from Sitecore’s published compatibility table. Note that even this table can be misleading because Sitecore did not support Solr Cloud deployments until Sitecore 9.0 update 2. Managed Solr deployments all require the Solr Cloud feature set, meaning that earlier versions of Sitecore are not compatible with Managed Solr even though they can be used with some local Solr installations.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.

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