Results and Display Tab

Site Search > Search Experience > Results Configuration > Results and Display Tab

The Results and Display Tab of Site Search’s Results Configuration screen picks up fields from the Solr index and lets you decide which ones to include in the search results. Select a field from the Return Field droplist to add it to the display of search results. The Label is a human-friendly label to display beside the field value. Click the (X) button on the right to remove it. Note that you can also select a field and use the (+) and (-) buttons to position it in the results list.  

You may also map the field value into a pre-formatted position on the search-results card. For instance, you could assign the document type to the “Ribbon” field to display it in a label at the top of the card.

Scroll down a little to see the spin button that lets us adjust the number of result items to display in each page of the output. 

Finally, there is a Hit Highlighting checkbox. If checked, matching keywords will be <em>highlighted</em> whenever they appear in a search result.