SearchStudio UX Accelerator

SearchStudio UX Accelerator The UX Accelerator is a set of tools that make it easy to set up a search page that uses all of the features of SearchStudio. SearchJS

Browser Compatibility

UX Accelerator Browser Compatibility The SearchStudio UX Accelerator features are compatible with the following list of web browsers. Safari (recommended at least version 12) Mac (versions 10.13.6 or higher) iOS

SearchJS Module

SearchJS Module Introduction Studio JS UX Accelerator provides a Vue.js Based Search Interface to integrate with your SearchStudio Application. It serves PCs, tablets, and mobile platforms with equal facilities. The

Feedback Widget

Getting User Feedback SearchStudio offers a special widget that you can optionally install on your application search page to encourage visitors to leave feedback about the search experience. It looks

Search Widget

Lightweight Search Widget The SearchStudio UX accelerator provides a lightweight pure javascript widget to show a simple search icon and search box on your website. When the search is actually