Global Filters

SearchStudio > Relevance > Relevance Modeling > Model Details > Global Filters

The Global Filters Tab of SearchStudio’s Model Details screen lets you add both Include and Exclude filters to place limits on your search results. This is a powerful tool for partitioning your index and focusing the search on relevant material.

  • Include filters require all search results to match a specific field value. Multiple include filters are ANDed. Each result must have all of the required field values.
  • Exclude filters suppress any search results that match a specific field and value. Multiple exclude filters are ORed. Any matching field value excludes the result-item from the display.

It is not possible to include and exclude the same field.

To create a filter, select a Search Field, specify a matching Value, and click the (+) button. To delete a filter, click the associated (X) button.

Do not forget to Save and Publish your changes if you want to see them in the Search Preview.