Discovery API Tab

SearchStudio > Navigation Pane > Search App > Settings > App Settings > Discovery API Tab.

The Discovery API tab displays the App’s Discovery URL and APIKey.  Both of these values are used by the Related Searches API to retrieve Related Searches from the Search App.

The upper field displays the Related Searches API Endpoint, which you can copy to the clipboard by clicking the copy icon.

Access to this endpoint is authorized by one or more APIKeys. You may create a key by clicking the Create Key button. You may mark an individual key active or inactive using the slide switch beside the key. You can delete a key using the (X) delete icon.

  • If you inactivate the current key in use, Related Searches will not appear in the Hosted Search App.
  • If you inactivate the current key in use, have another active key in the table, and generate the Hosted Search App (or publish from the Theme Editor), the next active key from the top of the list will be used.
  • If you have keys listed in the table, but they’re all inactivated, you can generate the Hosted Search App, but related searches will not appear.