Solr Analytics Overview - SearchStax


SearchStax® Analytics from Measured Search® provides the insights you need to make your search experience better for your customers.

SearchStax Analytics takes a holistic approach to measuring the effectiveness of your search. Analytics capabilities provided by most search vendors give you only low-level reports as they don't have control over the application level. We keep you close to your users by reporting click-through rate, bounces, etc., that others don't. This lets you measure relevance and ranking changes effectively.

To implement SearchStax Analytics, you must:

  1. Create an analytics app.
  2. Insert analytics scripts in your search-results page.
  3. Let people use your Solr application so you can collect statistics.
  4. Navigate from the Analytics node on the left-side navigation column to the list of Analytics Apps.
  5. Click the blue arrow icon to the right of the appropriate App.
  6. This will open the Dashboard display for that specific App.

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There are multiple analytics displays, accessible through the Analytics menu on the left side of the SearchStax dashboard.

For more information, see: