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SearchStax® Analytics provides the insights you need to make your search experience better for your customers.

SearchStax Analytics takes a holistic approach to measuring the effectiveness of your search. Analytics capabilities provided by most search vendors give you only low-level reports as they don't have control over the application level. We keep you close to your users by reporting click-through rate, bounces, etc., that others don't. This lets you measure relevance and ranking changes effectively. SearchStax Analytics Menu
There are multiple pages of analytics displays, accessible through the Analytics label in the SearchStax navigation bar.

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Analytics Architecture

The SearchStax Analytics feature is simple to implement.

  1. Your application's search page already handles queries and responses.
  2. SearchStax provides a javascript library to add to your page. This is a copy-and-paste step.
  3. The library contains a function that issues five different types of event messages through HTTP.
  4. The event messages are collated by a SearchStax Analytics App.
  5. The Analytics App automatically serves several pages of graphs and tables describing how users relate to your search results.

SearchStax Analytics Architecture

Javascript Library

Your search page reports events through a javascript function on the web page.

Paste the following script before the ending body tag in your search pages. The script loads a javascript function, _msq.push(), that sends HTML event messages to your SearchStax Analytics App.

<script type="text/javascript"> 
var _msq = _msq || []; //declare object

(function() { var ms = document.createElement('script'); ms.type = 'text/javascript'; ms.src = 'https://static.searchstax.com/js/ms2.js'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ms, s); })(); 


An "event" is a user action on your search page. The most-common event would be a mouse-click on a link or button. SearchStax supports the following tracking events:

Event Properties

An event message is a wrapper for a list of property-value pairs. The values are the data that SearchStax tracks and analyzes. For instance, this is an event URL describing a user query:


The data contains the properties of the event expressed as a JSON document. The data has been base64 encoded to protect URL values from character-encoding transformations as the message crosses the Internet. Decoded, the data says:


This event reports that the user searched for "test". The search engine got 573 hits, of which it returned 10 in the first page. This required 2.8 seconds.

Each type of event has its own set of required properties. See Analytics Events and Properties.

Analytics Apps

An Analytics App is a dedicated listener that accumulates HTML event messages from your search pages. It then analyzes the events and displays a variety of analytic tables and graphs.

As a SearchStax admin, you can create as many Analytics Apps as you need. You provide a name for the app and SearchStax does the rest. See Analytics Apps for more information.

View Analytics Reports

There are several web pages of analytics graphs and tables. For instance, each App's dashboard includes this chart of search metrics: Searches, Clicks, Revenue, and Searches per Session.


At the bottom of this dashboard there are three columns that summarize Top Searches, Top No-Result Searches, and Top Clicked Items. Each item appears as an absolute number and as a percentage of the total.


There are multiple pages of analytics displays, accessible through the Analytics menu on the left side of the SearchStax dashboard.

For more information, see:
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