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Site Search has replaced Analytics!

The SearchStax Site Search interactive environment is now the preferred path to analyze search-user behavior and to experiment with Solr tuning and display options. See the SearchStax Site Search Overview.

Our Analytics feature should be considered deprecated at this time.

SearchStax® includes search analytics reports that track the queries and search results of your deployment.

There are multiple pages of analytics displays, accessible through the Analytics App’s Dashboard:

SearchStax Analytics Menu

This page describes the metrics on the Dashboard itself. For the other displays, see Usage Metrics, Relevance Metrics, and Response Time Metrics.

Contents of this page:

Dashboard Overview

SearchStax Analytics Overview

The Analytics Dashboard provides a high-level view of system behavior during the requested time period.

  • Total Searches: Number of searches in the requested period.
  • Revenue from Search: Sum of all sales divided by Total Searches.
  • User Feedback: Direct feedback from search users on the relevance of result items.
  • Click-Through Rate: Percent of searches that resulted in a click-through event.

Relevance Metrics


The eyeball icons link to more detailed displays.

  • Average Click Position: This is the mean click-through position in the search results.
  • Searches per Session: Average number of queries submitted per user session.
  • MRR: Mean reciprocal rank, a weighted mean of click-through position. Ranges from 0 to 1.
  • No Result Search %: Percent of queries that returned zero results during the time period.

Performance/Availability Metrics


“Latency” is the time required to respond to a query, expressed in milliseconds. The eyeball icons link to more detailed displays.

  • Average Latency: The mean of all latency values within this time range.
  • 95th Percentile Latency: 95% of all queries responded within this time range.
  • 99th Percentile Latency: 99% of all queries responded within this time range.
  • Availability Percent: Uptime during the requested period.

Revenue Graph and Results Table

This chart tracks important search metrics: Searches, Clicks, Revenue, and Searches per Session.

SearchStax Analytics Overview Graph

At the bottom of this dashboard there are three columns that summarize Top Searches, Top No-Result Searches, and Top Clicked Items. Each item appears as an absolute number and as a percentage of the total.



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