Search Analytics Dashboard - SearchStax

SearchStax® includes search analytics reports that track the queries and search results of your deployment.

To view the displays on this page, you must:

  1. Create an analytics app.
  2. Insert analytics scripts in your search-results page.
  3. Let people use your search application so you can collect statistics.
  4. Navigate from the Analytics node on the left-side navigation column to the list of Analytics Apps.
  5. Click the name of an App to view its data.
  6. This will open the Dashboard display for that specific App.


The Analytics Dashboard provides a high-level view of system behavior during the requested time period.

SearchStax Analytics Overview



The green arrows link to more detailed displays.


Screenshot "Latency" is the time required to respond to a query, expressed in milliseconds. The green arrows link to more detailed displays.

Summary Graph and Results Table

This chart tracks important search metrics: Searches, Clicks, Revenue, and Searches per Session.

SearchStax Analytics Overview Graph

At the bottom of this dashboard there are three columns that summarize Top Searches, Top No-Result Searches, and Top Clicked Items. Each item appears as an absolute number and as a percentage of the total.