SearchStax Analytics Apps

This page describes how to add SearchStax® Analytics Apps to your SearchStax deployment.

Analytics Apps

An Analytics App is a dedicated listener that accumulates HTML event messages from your search pages. It then analyzes the events and displays a variety of analytic tables and graphs.

Each app is uniquely identified by a key. This key value must be included in every event message.

If you need to track the behavior of multiple search applications, you can create an Analytics App for each one. Provide a name for the app and SearchStax does the rest.

Create an App

Creat Analytics App

To create an Analytics App, please:

Note the unique key value.
SearchStax Analytics The app key is used in the webpage scripts to identify the app that will receive and analyze the data from that page.

Once the search application is deployed, you can open the app in the SearchStax dashboard to view data about search behavior.

To open an analytics app, click Analytics in the sidebar menu, and then click the name of the appropriate app in the list. This exposes the dashboard for this specific app.

Delete an App

As the admin, you can delete an Analytics App directly from the SearchStax dashboard, but the button is hidden to prevent accidents. Note: There is no "undo." All data associated with this app will be permanently deleted.

To delete an Anaytics App, follow this path:

  1. Click Analytics in the left-side navigation bar.
  2. Click the name of the app you wish to delete.
  3. On the app's dashboard, click the Settings menu in the upper left.
  4. This pops up a message box. Click the red Delete App button to delete the app.
  5. Type the name of the app into the delete-confirmation dialog box.

SearchStax Delete Analytics App