What if zkcli returns an error?

New clients frequently consult us about zkcli script connection errors. They encounter this difficulty when they first attempt to upload the Solr configuration files to Zookeeper. (See zkcli download instructions.)

How can I view my Zookeeper configurations?

The first step in creating a new collection in a SearchStax Managed Solr deployment is to upload the collection’s config files to Zookeeper. Zookeeper, in turn, distributes the files across

How can I remove a Zookeeper configuration?

A few users have asked how to clear Solr configuration files from ZooKeeper. Security Best Practices Be sure to see our page on securing Zookeeper using SearchStax. Removing a Solr

What else can I do with the zkcli script?

The SearchStax Quick Start exercise demonstrates how to use the zkcli utility script to set up a simple SearchStax project. Users have often asked us what else zkcli can do.

How can I secure Zookeeper?

When SearchStax Managed Solr creates a new Solr deployment, we lock down the Zookeeper ensemble so that it cannot be reached from the Internet. To upload a configuration to Zookeeper,