What is the SearchStax Security Pack?

For sensitive data and higher compliance requirements, our Security Pack add-on provides encryption at rest, customer-specified TLS and cyphers, monthly vulnerability scans, and priority patching for Apache Solr vulnerabilities. The

How can I secure Zookeeper?

When SearchStax Managed Solr creates a new Solr deployment, we lock down the Zookeeper ensemble so that it cannot be reached from the Internet. To upload a configuration to Zookeeper,

What version of TLS does SearchStax use?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) has periodic releases that improve security. Not everyone upgrades immediately to the latest release. For this reason, clients occasionally encounter a mismatch between the TLS version

Does SearchStax support Solr Basic Authentication?

Production systems should be secured with Basic Authentication. You can set up Solr Basic Auth directly from the SearchStax Dashboard. Warning: Service Interruption Enabling/Disabling this feature restarts your Solr servers,

Basic Auth Credentials in PowerShell

Solr Cloud users who manage their systems through PowerShell scripts quickly discover that PowerShell’s Invoke-RestMethod is not friendly to the usual method of passing the Basic Auth username and password

Does SearchStax support IP filtering?

Zookeemer ensembles absolutely must be secured by IP Filtering. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to hacking. SearchStax enforces this requirement. See How can I secure Zookeeper? Solr nodes and clusters should

Cannot add another IP Filter!

Due to DHCP, Managed Solr users sometimes find that their computer’s IP address has changed, invalidating their IP Filter access to Solr. Many people then create a new IP Filter

Does SearchStax support static IP addresses?

Some SearchStax clients use outgoing IP filtering to increase the security of their systems. They inquire whether SearchStax can assign a static IP address to a deployment’s Solr HTTP endpoint.

Does SearchStax support VPC/VPN security?

For our premium customers (Gold, Platimum, and Platinum Plus levels) who have high security requirements, we recommend a SearchStax Cloud Private environment with VPC Peering. If your application resides in