Can we log queries?

Situations arise where users need to view the incoming queries to their solr servers. The method depends on whether you have a cluster or a single node. Dedicated Cluster Due

How can I secure Zookeeper?

When SearchStax Managed Solr creates a new Solr deployment, we lock down the Zookeeper ensemble so that it cannot be reached from the Internet. To upload a configuration to Zookeeper,

Does SearchStax provide disaster-recovery systems?

SearchStax offers “hot,” “warm,” and “cold” disaster recovery (DR) plans for our Managed Solr deployments. Disaster recovery is an optional add-on service. See Disaster Recovery Options for Solr Deployments for

Can I move a deployment to another account?

On rare occasions, a client wants to move a live deployment to a new account. This can be done, but it is not a self-service activity. SearchStax engineers must manually

Export a Collection

SearchStax Managed Solr users sometimes ask us how to export a large Solr collection to a reloadable file. The Solr “cursor” feature is the right tool for this job. Performance

Does SearchStax support Vanity DNS?

SearchStax Managed Solr provides the ability to set up a DNS CNAME alias for your deployment. This means that your search application can query a domain address of the form