How Do I Update the Solr Schema?

When Solr logs start to show “unknown field” errors, it means that you are sending documents to Solr that do not match the Solr schema. Documents with unknown fields cannot

How to Empty a Solr Index

During early development it is common to discard an index and reload the data under a new schema. Our Managed Solr customers often ask us how to “drop” or empty

Is there help for ingesting Solr data?

Problems with Solr data ingestion are generally out of scope for SearchStax support, except to mention that legacy data often incluces illegal codes that you must remove, and most issues

Data loaded, but why no search results?

A Managed Solr user asked for help when his collection contained data but queries came back empty. In this instance it turned out that the user had forgotten to commit

Does SearchStax support CORS?

Some SearchStax clients use AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) in their search applications, and need to use CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) HTTP headers to comply with the AJAX same-origin policy.

How to import Solr data from Postgres or MongoDB?

SearchStax engineers have helped premium clients (Gold, Platimum, and Platinum Plus levels) import data from both PostgresSQL and MongoDB. We have some guidelines that may help you. Contact the SearchStax

Identical Queries Produce Inconsistent Results

Background Solr clients occasionally report that the same query produces inconsistent results when run repeatedly! This complaint is not a common one, but it alarms people when they see it.