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The SearchStax® Frequently Asked Questions page includes the following approved question and answer about our Apache Solr Cloud services.

Can SearchStax provide Solr indexing to Sitecore?

SearchStax allows you to stand up a Sitecore Solr cluster quickly and easily. See Walkthrough: Setting up SolrCloud.

Remember that the Solr Load Balancer and Zookeeper endpoints are on the SearchStax deployment details page:

Sitecore SearchStax Endpoints

Shards and Replication Factor

Note that the number of shards is usually 1, and the replicationFactor setting should be the same as the number of Solr nodes in your cluster (1 for single-node; 3 for the usual cluster).

We love to answer questions!

Please contact the SearchStax Support Desk immediately if you have any question about Solr Cloud deployments.

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