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SearchStax®, the leading Solr-as-a-Service platform, offers a "free trial" program for prospects. You can experiment with a cloud-based Solr deployment for up to two weeks, free of charge. No credit card is required for the duration of your free trial.

Trial Deployments

As a new SearchStax user, you may create one "free trial" deployment for evaluation. There are two free-trial deployments available:

It usually takes five minutes to set up a single-node deployment, and up to fifteen minutes to set up a cluster using AWS. Feel free to explore our documentation and our Help Center while you wait.

When you become a SearchStax customer, a much larger list of providers and deployments becomes available.

Sign Up for Trial Account

To sign up for a SearchStax free trial, go to the SearchStax Free-Trial page. Fill in the enrollment form. SearchStax Free Trial

SearchStax will send you a confirmation message to verify your email address. You must click on a link before you can log in to your trial account.

Evaluate SearchStax

From the trial account, you may create one Solr deployment. Our Quick Start page presents instructions on setting up and provisioning your first cloud deployment.

Free-Trial Technical Support

We want you to succeed, so of course we offer support. Send email to the SearchStax Support Desk.

Become a SearchStax Customer!

Becoming a SearchStax customer is as easy as entering a credit-card number. On the SearchStax dashboard, go to the Billing and Payments tab.
SearchStax Free Trial From the moment we receive your billing information, you become a SearchStax customer entitled to SILVER level support.

Cancelling the Free Trial

If you decide to cancel your free-trial account, we hope you will give us some feedback first. Send email to the SearchStax Support Desk.

If you still want to cancel, navigate to the User Preferences tab of the SearchStax dashboard. Click the big red button. SearchStax Free Trial

Billing Details

SearchStax's policies regarding free-trial billing are as follows:

Month-to-Month vs. Annual Commitment

The prices shown when creating a new deployment in SearchStax are the month-to-month self-service rates. Much lower rates apply to annual commitments, sometimes as much as 50% lower! See our detailed pricing web page, and be sure to use the pricing toggle at the top of the page. SearchStax Free Trial

Contact Us!

Don't hesitate to reach out to the SearchStax Support Desk. We are happy to answer your questions.