Managed Solr Service FAQs - SearchStax


Do your plans include setup and monitoring of the servers?

SearchStax® pricing includes setup of the clusters. We offer a monitoring dashboard that captures key system metrics, JVM, search and indexing metrics (cache hit ratios, etc).

Can I have more than three nodes for a given plan?

Absolutely! While creating a deployment, you can choose any number of additional nodes for your cluster. Additional nodes are charged at 1/3rd of the price of the cluster for Standard plans and at the same price for the Basic plans.

Do you offer discounts on your plans?

You can pre-pay for the entire year. We offer a 15% discount on all Annual plans.


How is my cluster secured?

All your data in and out of the hosting provider is transferred securely over SSL. Our dedicated cluster plans allow you to restrict access to your clusters by IP address or a range of IP addresses.

Cluster Management

Is there a limit on the number of documents or indexes I can have in my cluster?

We do not enforce any artificial limit on the number of collections or documents you can create or store in your cluster.

However, there is a limit to how many collections Solr can cope with. So, while we will let you create as many collections as you want, there are limiting factors. The number of collections or documents you can fit in a given plan therefore depends on their structure and use.

How do I update the Solr schema?

Uploading a revised schema file as part of a new configuration is easy. The critical part is that a schema change invalidates the collection's index. The index must be wiped and the documents reloaded as part of a schema update. See our page on Common User Issues.


Do you offer backups? How much do the backups cost?

Yes, you can create scheduled backups for your Solr clusters. Backups are charged at $0.50 per run and an additional $0.10 is charged per GB that is backed up.