Account Setup - SearchStax


To get started with SearchStax®, visit the SearchStax website and create a SearchStax account.

Signing Up

To sign up as a SearchStax user, go to the SearchStax website.

Click the Start a Free Trial button. (There is a two-week grace period before billing begins.)

Free SearchStax Trial

Note: The $19/month price shown above is the annual prepaid rate. On the pay-as-you-go plan the rates are a little higher.

After filling in your account information, you will be directed to the SearchStax Dashboard where you can create your first deployment.

Billing and Payments

For individual deployments, prices are based on the providers and deployment plans that you choose. See How will my SearchStax bill be calculated?

Self-service deployments ("silver" SLAs) may be prepaid, achieving substantial discounts. See How much can I save with prepaid annual billing?

Managed deployments under premium SLAs are prepaid based on individual contracts.

Billing Contact

The optional billing contact is a person or entity who should receive a detailed receipt each time the account's credit card is charged. The information entered here has no impact on the credit-card billing process. It is a reporting feature only.

This is where you can enter your Value-Added Tax number so it appears on your receipts.

  1. To enter this information, go to the Billing & Payments screen.
  2. Select Billing Information at the top of the screen.

SearchStax Billing and Payments

Be sure to save your changes before leaving the screen.

Payment Method

A pay-as-you-go account must specify a credit card. (Annual accounts usually pay in advance through other channels.)

  1. Go to the Billing & Payments page.
  2. Open the Billing Overview tab.
  3. Fill out the form as shown below:

SearchStax Billing and Payments


Entering your credit-card information ends your free trial and triggers automatic pay-as-you-go billing from that point forward. Monthly rates are prorated for partial months. You are billed for the number of days that the deployment was active during the month. Credit cards are charged during the first week of the following month.

Switch to Prepaid Annual Billing

You can switch any "silver" level deployment from month-to-month to prepaid annual (or three-year) billing directly from the SearchStax Cloud Manager. Prepayment is rewarded by a substantial discount. See How much can I save with prepaid annual billing?

Update/Delete Cards

You can enter multiple credit cards for an account. The most recently-added card will be the default payment method. (It has a green checkmark in the list of cards.)

SearchStax Billing and Payments

To delete a card, click the Edit link in the upper-right corner of the list. This exposes delete buttons in the credit-card list.

SearchStax Billing and Payments

Usage Projections

The Billing & Payments page displays a bar chart of Month-to-Date Usage.

SearchStax Billing and Payments

Note that this graph refers to credit-card charges only. Also, the forecast includes backup fees to date without projecting the cost of scheduled backups in the future.

Canceling Your Account

Only the account Owner can cancel the account. This automatically terminates all deployments.

If you decide to cancel your pay-as-you-go account, we hope you will give us some feedback first. Send email to the SearchStax Support Desk.

If you still want to cancel, navigate to the Account Settings tab of the SearchStax dashboard. Click the big red button. SearchStax User Profile


Do not hesitate to reach out to the SearchStax Support Desk. We always strive to improve our service!