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To get started with SearchStax®, visit the SearchStax website and enroll as a SearchStax user. You will also create a SearchStax account and enter billing information.

Signing Up

To sign up as a SearchStax user, go to the SearchStax website.

Click the Start a Free Trial button. (There is a two-week grace period before billing begins.)

Free SearchStax Trial

Note: The $20/month price shown above is the annual rate. On the pay-as-you-go plan the rate for a DN1 (smallest) deployment is $48/month.

After filling in your account information, you will be directed to the SearchStax Dashboard where you can create your first deployment.

Managing Your User Profile

Log in to the SearchStax Dashboard using your username and password. The Dashboard lets you manage your SearchStax accounts, deployments, and analytics apps. This includes viewing logs, monitoring data, and configuring security settings.

By default, the user who created a SearchStax account has Admin user privileges there. An account's Admin can perform the following tasks in the account:

Adding Users

The Admin can add users to the account. The users have access to the deployments in that account. (A user can have access to deployments in multiple accounts, but will have to be added to each account separately.)

The number of users per account is determined by your plan. The Silver (free, self-service) Plan permits the original user plus one other. It is possible to add SearchStax users to an account for $10/user/month. Contact the SearchStax Support Desk to explore this possibility.

To add a new user to an account:

SearchStax User Enrollment


Only an account's Admin user can create another Admin in that account.

The system sends a welcoming email message inviting the new user to register with SearchStax. The registration link is good for 24 hours. If the prospective user lets the time run out, you can reissue the invitation using the Bulk Actions menu described in the next section.

Once the user has a username and password, SearchStax provides access to the deployments of the shared account.

Bulk User Actions

The list of users offers a Bulk Actions menu which is inactive until you check one of the boxes beside the user names.

SearchStax Bulk User Actions

This menu lets you perform the following actions on one or more users simultaneously:

Deleting a User

Only an Admin user can delete a user from an account. Note that this revokes a user's access to the account, but does not delete the user from the system.

To delete a user:

Updating Account Information

Users can access the SearchStax Dashboard to update their Profile Settings, and to change their passwords.

To update your user profile:

SearchStax User Profile

To change a password:

Billing and Payments

SearchStax uses an automated billing system that bills on a monthly basis. For more information, see our Pricing Pages.

Billing is based on your selected plan plus any additional Solr nodes that you have added to your base subscription. For more information about pricing, and how your monthly bill is calculated, see Plans.


Your account must specify a payment method.

SearchStax Billing and Payments


Entering your credit-card information ends your free trial and triggers automatic pay-as-you-go billing from that point forward. Monthly rates are prorated for partial months. You are billed for the number of days that the deployment was active during the month. Billing takes place in the first week of the following month.

Canceling your Account

If you decide to cancel your pay-as-you-go account, we hope you will give us some feedback first. Send email to the SearchStax Support Desk.

If you still want to cancel, navigate to the Account Settings tab of the SearchStax dashboard. Click the big red button. SearchStax Free Trial


Do not hesitate to reach out to the SearchStax Support Desk. We always strive to improve our service!