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Designed and optimized to automate and manage your search infrastructure needs on google cloud platform

Whether you're migrating your on-premise Solr deployments, optimizing your Solr deployments, or starting a new Solr project, SearchStax on GCP is a fully managed Apache Solr service for your Google Cloud Platform. Build your search applications with confidence, knowing you no longer need to worry about Solr management, setup and configuration, software patching, monitoring, backups, or support.

Searchstax GCP features

High Availability

All GCP DC (Dedicated cluster) plans are front ended with a load balancer for auto failover to ensure the service is highly available. You select where you want your clusters to be located and are backed by uptime SLA's.

On Demand Scaling

Easily add or remove nodes as your data or traffic volume changes. Seamlessly scale your production Solr deployments. Scale your Solr cluster horizontally by sharing or vertically with zero downtime rolling upgrades.

Disaster Recovery

For mission critical search application, a DR (disaster recovery) deployment can be maintained in a different geographical region to enable switchovers in a case of emergencies. This minimizes downtime in the case of a disruptive event.

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Complete Solr monitoring and alerting with service level reporting to proactively manage your clusters.

24×7 Expert Support

Our always ready Solr experts are only a call or an email away - every day, all day and night, at year round. Enjoy peace of mind with managed Solr service on GCP.

Security and Compliance

OS level security patches, SSL, security audits, authentication, and index level encryption for confidential data.

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