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Why SearchStax Cloud Private GCP?

  • Greater Isolation, Security, and Compliance
  • Accelerated Timelines
  • No More Downtime
  • Reduced Operational Overhead


High Security

For applications that demand high security and isolation, SearchStax Cloud Private-Google Cloud Platform secures your search infrastructure within a Virtual Private Cloud and enables traffic through Virtual Private Cloud Peering e.g. a network connection between the two VPC's (yours and ours). This effectively isolates your earch infrastructure from other applications and traffic.

High Performance

Optimize your deployments for high performance. Since traffic is restricted to only approved exchanges, most network performance bottlenecks can be avoided..

High Availability

All standard or higher Cloud Private deployments are production ready. All are minimally three node clusters and front-ended with an elastic load balancer for auto-failover. In addition, SearchStax Cloud PrivateGoogle Cloud Platform offers multi-node, multi-zone Solr clusters with automatic failover for production applications with the most demanding uptime requirements.

Effortless Scaling

Unknown or high variance sizing - no problem. Grow your deployments to any size needed - easily add or remove nodes to handle data size or query volume increases or decreases. Achieve horizontal and vertical scalability through sharding and replicatio.

Fully Automated Management

SearchStax enables you to host, deploy, and administer your Apache Solr search solution in the cloud. SearchStax offers on-demand and automated provisioning, scaling, backups, monitoring, alerting, comprehensive analytics, and administrative tools.

SLA-backend 24x7 Support

Our always-ready Solr experts are only a call or an email away – every day, all day and night, all year round. Enjoy peace of mind with fully managed Solr GCP Service.

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SearchStax Cloud Private-Google Cloud Platform: Virtual Private Cloud

On a different VPC from your application servers and/or under a different Google Cloud Platform account. This deployment uses Virtual Private Cloud Peering for connectivity between your application and SearchStax Cloud Private-Google Cloud Platform. This guarantees that all of the operational aspects of managing Apache Solr are completely isolated from your application.