Liv360 spent months developing a product that allows their users to quickly discover health resources that enable them to live their life to the fullest extent. However, there was one problem: search functionality. When users entered search terms, the results were often irrelevant or completely absent. Their in-house search solution was plagued with stability issues that resulted in failed searches and drove users away from the site.

“We kept having infrastructure issues and suffered from search functionality being down, which made the site almost unusable for our users. We had limited resources to manage search and needed to find a quick solution to our problem.” said Eran Weinberg, CEO of


SearchStax's fully managed Solr hosting was the perfect solution for Within a day, SearchStax created an account and stood up a Solr cluster that Liv360's development team could immediately employ. Since Liv360's developers were familiar with Solr, the team was able to seamlessly switch their search to Solr without affecting anything on the site.

To keep the customer's data secure, data transfers between Liv360 servers and SearchStax is encrypted using SSL; API keys ensure data is protected. The practically uninterrupted availability of SearchStax's service is maintained for Solr by ensuring that data is replicated across a minimum of two machines and by providing auto-failover.


Within less than a week, Liv360 was able to completely migrate their search into the cloud and eliminate the management of search infrastructure; Solr clusters are managed and maintained entirely by SearchStax.

In addition, the new service has improved their uptime and redundancy as they moved away from a single instance Solr to a multi-node Solr cluster within AWS (Amazon Web Services).

“Since we’ve moved to SearchStax, we’ve had 100% uptime for Solr and our development team has been spending time building new features as opposed to spending time on keeping the service running that was a complete distraction for us.” said Eran.

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