In the Fall of 2015, - one of the top 5 consumer marketplaces in the Middle East - was receiving more than 150 million search requests per month. Sheypoor’s existing search was powered by Apache Solr and it was performing adequately. However, the business had aggressive plans for growth for the upcoming Holiday Season. Sheypoor was planning a nationwide television ad campaign to drive both revenue and user growth. They were forecasting a significant increase from their existing traffic. But there was one problem, they had reached their capacity on their search infrastructure - a single top class machine running on Microsoft Azure. Sheypoor wanted a solution that could scale as their traffic grew, but then scale back after the campaign. The solution also needed to maintain speedy end user performance & high availability service level agreements.

“We couldn’t afford to have our search down or perform slowly. There was already too much on our development team’s plate and adding time to stand up, configure and manage Solr infrastructure wouldn’t get us to where we wanted. In addition, having the team spend time on infrastructure didn’t seem core to our business. We needed a solution that could be deployed quickly, can sustain our current traffic and can scale to our 10x needs – all that without distracting our development team.” said Reza Arbabian, CEO of


The SearchStax team engaged with Sheypoor’s development team and utilized SearchStax Cloud Manager to stand up a multi-node production deployment within a day in the same region as Sheypoor’s application infrastructure. Since SearchStax enables Apache Solr deployments, Sheypoor didn’t have to change their application code to utilize the Solr Cloud clusters setup through SearchStax. All Sheypoor’s team had to do was change their DNS URLs to point to the new cluster. The new cluster deployment via SearchStax was highly available as it was front-ended by an elastic load balancer, data was encrypted through SSL and access was restricted to only Sheypoor’s web servers.

The SearchStax professional services team load tested the new solution by taking Sheypoor’s existing logs and ran five times their existing traffic to validate and performance test the new search clusters. During the process, the SearchStax team provided optimization and tuning services that helped improve overall throughput and latency.

In less than a week, a completely new Solr Cloud deployment was ready to handle the existing production traffic and the variable traffic growth that was planned by the business.


The final result -’s search was completely migrated from 4.x to a 5.x version of Solr, moved from a single node to a multi-node cluster that was easy to scale up or down. During the campaign, SearchStax fully managed and hosted Solr solution handled the variable load reliably and with no sleepless nights.

Since utilizing the SearchStax (Solr-as-a-Service) platform, Sheypoor’s team did not have to deal with setup, configuration, management and operations of running the Solr infrastructure. Plus they had visibility & control over metrics that enabled them to keep tabs on their infrastructure.

“SearchStax enabled us to successfully handle the marketing campaign that we had in the works with 100% uptime & with better end-user search performance. We were also able to leverage their Solr expertise to move at an unprecedented pace.” said Reza.

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