Luvbutton spent time and resources building a Magento eCommerce site that would allow customers to find and purchase amazing products. the website looked great. but, there was just one little problem. the built-in search wasn’t working as expected. “the community magento Search functionality that was built into our site was disappointing and very inaccurate,” said Jeras Ikehorn, CEO of Luvbutton.

Visitors to the site could not find what they were looking for. the team at Luvbutton knew that they were losing potential customers and sales. Without detailed analytics, they couldn’t track conversions or optimize the user experience. Luvbutton needed a fast solution that was easy to integrate with magento.


“We were fortunate to find SearchStax, a new search- as-a-service solution for magento,” said Ikehorn. “With hardly any effort, the SearchStax Service for magento snapped into the existing store and delivered an enhanced search that included autocomplete, product suggestions, more relevant search results than provided by the base platform, and built- in analytics that gave insights into our customer’s search behavior that are used to improve the conversion process.”

Luvbutton realized that search is a key part of the personalized shopping experience. SearchStax provides Luvbutton users with contextualized results based on past behavior. this makes it easier for visitors to find products they want to buy. the Luvbutton team can view real-time conversion analytics to gain detailed insights about what users are searching for, what they are not finding, and the most popular products. All this information can be used to improve the user experience and turn visitors into customers.


After switching to SearchStax, Luvbutton saw an immediate improvement in conversions. Search-as-you-type capability helped visitors find relevant products quickly and easily. SearchStax helped Luvbutton improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. the comprehensive analytics dashboard let the team understand search behavior and create a personalized shopping experience for customers. What’s the best part? no more “no result found” searches.

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