Taming the Solr Dragon

SearchStax has already done much to tame the Solr Dragon. Now the beast is really brought to heel with the new Sitecore-SearchStax connector. Connecting Solr and Sitecore was the last manual part that remained in our Engineer-Build-Integrate-Operate process for Solr best practices. Now even the integration step is automated. And the dragon is fully tamed.


What We Had Before

The last 18 months, Cloud Manager has helped organizations harness the power of Solr without the need to retain a cadre of Solr priests to cater to the beast. Engineering, building, and testing a high-availability Solr cluster (with all the DevOps bells and whistles) used to take days of work – often a good many days when done well. Cloud manager does all this in a few minutes.

After launch, operating Solr does require a competent DevOps team specialized in the beast, something that many environments take a shortcut on. Again, SearchStax solved that problem with our support – 24×7 if needed.

The New Stuff

On August 26, 2019, we announced at SUGCON ANZ in Sydney our new connector between Sitecore and SearchStax.

This connector not only makes fast work of the somewhat laborious process of connecting the two technologies. Perhaps more importantly, the connector removes sources of errors that are frequently quite complex to diagnose. It also eliminates much of the risks and uncertainties this integration step carries for the Sitecore developers who aren’t also Solr experts.

So what’s the result? Here’s how it feels, I hope…