SearchStax Unveils Similar Search Query Analytics

We’re excited to announce our latest enhancement to SearchStax Analytics, Similar Search Query Analytics.  Similar Search Query Analytics groups search queries by the item that is ultimately clicked.  This allows your search team to understand the keywords users are typing to find things.  You can then leverage these analytics into actionable insights by enhancing your synonym lists with these similar search queries.
Searchers think uniquely. Ten people searching for the same product may type in ten different queries. They won’t use all (or any) of the keywords in the product title. They may misspell or mistype unfamiliar labels. Finally, a significant number of users experiment with keywords looking for the magic phrase that turns their vague desires into concrete product recommendations. As your organization’s search expert, your job is to help your users find what they are looking for faster and easier.

SearchStax’s Similar Search Query Analytics gathers all of the queries that led to a particular product and ranks them by popularity. This shows us what the user typed in before finding that specific item. We turn these search analytics into actionable insights by either enhancing the synonyms associated with this item or we can even modify the product descriptions to make them resemble the language most often used by our customers in their queries. Either of these would results in faster, more successful search sessions that lead the user to the items she’s looking for, even if she didn’t quite ask for it the way you might have originally envisioned.

For more information, see Similar Searches in the SearchStax User Guide.  Contact us to get a demo of our Analytics Suite or to learn more about SearchStax, the leading Solr-as-a-Service platform.