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SearchStax by Measured Search Now Supports New Relic Integrations For Advanced Analytics

SearchStax® by Measured Search now supports New Relic integration. Integration with your existing New Relic account is as easy as pasting in your New Relic key and checking one or two checkboxes.

SearchStax supports two New Relic services:

  • New Relic “APM” is a software-analytics service for application performance monitoring (APM). It provides both current and historical information about memory usage, CPU utilization, database query performance, web browser rendering performance, application availability and error analysis, external services, and other useful metrics.
  • New Relic “Servers” allows you to view and analyze critical cloud server metrics, including CPU usage, physical memory, network activity, processes, and disk I/O utilization and capacity.

For a step-by-step discussion, see the SearchStax and New Relic page in the SearchStax documentation.