Introducing NextGen Solr Cluster Plans – Better Architecture, More Affordable Pricing

We are introducing new type of cluster plans, code named NextGen Cluster Plans. The NextGen Dedicated Clusters use twin Apache Solr Servers matched with three independent ZooKeeper VMs. A typical NextGen cluster, therefore, has five servers. These plans are not only architecturally better, they are also more affordable. More details on the architectural benefits are available here. Updated pricing is available here. If you are curious about the reason we picked the picture above for this email, continue reading and we’ll tell you why.

SearchStax over the last few years have gained tremendous experience in running a PaaS Solr Service at Scale. Some use cases don’t need three Solr servers to achieve a fault-tolerant production environment. For many customers, even some large organizations using enterprise-grade CMS like Sitecore, two Apache Solr servers will do the job. Unfortunately, a two-server system cuts ZooKeeper back to two instances, which simply doesn’t work to provide high-availability. ZooKeeper must have at least three servers to form an ensemble. The NextGen cluster plans are designed with this architecture in mind.

These plans went live last week Friday and are available to all our customers. The new plans make it more affordable for customers wanting to run single node or high availability Solr clusters across the three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP). Below is an example price comparison of our old DC Cluster Annual Plans and our new NDC Cluster Annual Plans. The last column compares the decrease in price in percentage compared to existing plans.



 Cluster Plans


Cluster Plans

Price Reduction Percentage
AWS Cloud Provider
Dedicated Cluster (4GB/32GB) $396 $337 14.90%
Dedicated Cluster (8GB/64GB) $554 $487 12.09%
Dedicated Cluster (16GB/128GB) $1,414 $709 49.86%
Dedicated Cluster (32GB/256GB) $1,739 $1,009 41.98%
Azure Cloud Provider
Dedicated Cluster (4GB/32GB) 594 424 28.62%
Dedicated Cluster (8GB/64GB) 837 664 20.67%
Dedicated Cluster (16GB/128GB) 1134 953 15.96%
Dedicated Cluster (32GB/256GB) 1928 1497 22.35%



Full updated pricing including Pay-as-you-go and all major cloud providers is available here.

Below are common questions which we’ve provided answers for that you may have. If anything is not covered here, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Will old DC plans still be available?

The old DC plans will no longer be available from our Management Dashboard. You’ll only be able to start NDC plans moving forward. If there is a need for you to run our old plans, please reach out to us via Support and we’d like to discuss reasons and see how we can help.

What happens to my existing DC deployments?

Your existing deployments will work as is, there is no change to those deployments. You’ll continue to get charged based on the old pricing. However, if you terminate your existing deployment, you’ll only be able to start a deployment using NDC plans.

If you are a customer under Term Contract with SearchStax, please reach out to Support and we can still ensure you can provision the old plan deployments.

Want to migrate from DC Plans and take advantage of new Cluster Plans?

If you are a Pay-as-you-go Customer with no Term Contract with SearchStax, you can delete your existing deployment and start a new deployment. If you want to retain your existing data, you can use the Backup and Restore capability to do that or re-index your data on new deployment.

For Term Contract customers, please reach out to us and we’ll be able to provide guidance and discuss migration path.

My application needs more than 2 Nodes, can I do that?

No problems! You can always start an NDC plan with 3 nodes or add additional nodes once your deployment is provisioned.

As you may have guessed, we are improving the architecture and requirement from from 3 heavy duty Solr nodes to 2 nodes, I thought the picture represented a good visual of the fact that the 3rd node is getting separated from the pack 🙂

We are excited about this new release and if you have any questions or want to learn more, please reach out to us.

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