New version of SearchStax (v2.1.5) rolled out to all customers

New version of SearchStax (v2.1.5) rolled out to all customers

As of September 6, 2016, there has been a SearchStax update. All SearchStax customers automatically received this update. No action is required.

New Features

  • SearchStax Pulse allows users to see the status of shards and replicas for each collection. On the SearchStax dashboard for a deployment, navigate to Monitoring > Collections. SearchStax users can now monitor the health of every replica in every collection without having to log in to the Solr Administrative interface to find that out. 
  • Account Admin can resend an invitation to a user. Users with Admin role now have the ability to resend an invitation if it has expired. To do so, select a user, click Bulk actions and Resend invitation.


  • Server status based on heartbeat instead of get request. Monitoring of server status is now based on a heartbeat function, instead of on-demand polling. In cases where Solr APIs are restricted by Authentication, the status of a particular server could not be retrieved. With this release, we’ve reworked the server status to rely on the SearchStax Pulse agent that does not have this drawback.
  • Notice when Solr admin customized security.json. Disables Solr authentication via the SearchStax dashboard (Deployment > Security > Auth) so that SearchStax will not accidentally interfere with Solr-side authentication.
  • Let the Admin rename the deployment. The deployment name is now editable by the user with Admin role.

Bug Fixes

  • Low numbers don’t display properly on graphs. Fixed an issue with Search Throughput graphs where the graphs did not display very low values properly.
  • Cluster goes unavailable if one node is restarted. An issue that sometimes interfered with cluster management has been fixed.