Measured Search Enables Terrain Home Android Launcher to Gain Deeper Search Insights

Measured Search Enables Terrain Home Android Launcher to Gain Deeper Search Insights

Mobile first search option is coupled with cloud-based search analytics platform.

Measured Search, a leading provider of cloud-based search, discovery and big data analytics products & services, announced today that it has partnered with Terrain Home, part of Palo Alto based Samsung Accelerator, to deliver deeper search insights and app discovery capability within Terrain Launcher.


Terrain is a new Android Launcher focused on helping the user find everything on their device easily. Resembling a standard Android home screen, Terrain provides three main features to simplify the user experience, including a sidebar, a phone search option and an apps drawer. The sidebar contains a configurable list of cards that aggregate information relevant to the user from many sources. Unlike standard Android search which is web centric, the phone search option searches locally, simplifying finding contacts, settings, apps or anything else on the device. The apps drawer reveals an alphabetically sorted list of all apps on the device making them easy to launch.

”We are pleased that Terrain has selected Measured Search as the solution for its search analytics & recommendation options,” said Sameer Maggon, Founder of Measured Search. “Measured Search platform as a service enables us to provide a better on-device discovery experience for Android end-users coupled with a fully integrated search analytics solution.”

Measured Search currently offers a cloud based vendor neutral search analytics service that enables Terrain Home to analyze on-device search behavior and get insights about trends and how users interact with their devices including: trending apps by popularity, trending apps by usage, top apps by popularity, and top apps by usage.

“Measured Search solution has enabled us to gain deeper insights into user search behavior as part of the Terrain Launcher and has enabled us to deliver higher value features to our users quickly”, said Dwipal Desai, founder and CEO of Terrain. “Not only was the Measured Search solution easy to embed in Terrain Launcher, it enabled us to offload operations of running a complex search analytics & recommendation infrastructure. Moreover, the fully integrated cloud based search analytics platform delivers unique insight into what apps are trending and how users really want to use their devices.”

About Measured Search
Founded in 2013, Measured Search ( is a Los Angeles-based company that helps businesses achieve excellence and superior ROI in Search, Discovery and Big Data Analytics. Measured Search’s cloud-based platform as a service allow businesses to capture, analyze and leverage user behavior data to drive interaction, conversions & user satisfaction.