Measured Search Announces New Solution and Technology Partner Program To Drive Data Driven Search Success in the Cloud

Measured Search Names Inaugural Partners For New Partner Program

Manhattan Beach, CA, January 17, 2017 – Measured Search Inc, provider of the leading open source search-as-a-service solution, announces the SearchStax Partner Program to help Solution Partners (application development agencies, value added resellers and other related firms) accelerate Solr-search projects allowing them quicker time-to-market to bring value to their customers and Technology Partners (technical collaboration or product integration) better user experiences or enhanced functionality for joint customers.

Through this new program Solution Partners will be able to speed time to market by making it easy to set up, operate, scale and optimize their Solr based search applications in the cloud. From high availability to scalability, security, disaster recovery, monitoring and search analytics, the SearchStax platform allows Solution Partners to simply do more in less time. Technology partners will be able to showcase a deeper integration of their product within the SearchStax solution enabling higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership.
Inaugural SearchStax Partners include: KMW Technology, OpenSource Connections, Hitachi Credeon, Basis Technology, New Relic, PagerDuty, Pivotal, and SiteCore.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Measured Search” said Kevin Watters, Founder of KMW Technology. “SearchStax plus their managed services has been the perfect platform.  It let’s us focus on the application and let’s Measured Search focus on the hosting.  Ultimately, our clients are relieved to know that their search applications will have a company with deep search expertise servicing them ensuring that our custom applications are hosted properly.”

“Measured Search offers the only partner program focusing on Solr cloud development in the market today.  Our innovative solutions and fully managed options enable our Solution Partners to focus on what they do best – building great search based apps and leaving the rest to us” stated Sameer Maggon, CEO, Measured Search. “By integrating with SearchStax our Technology Partners realize a greater market footprint, deeper product integrations, and enhanced customer experiences”

To learn more about Measured Search’s Partner Program, click here.

About Measured Search
Measured Search enables companies to elevate the experience of Apache Solr based search applications faster and with more confidence. SearchStax by Measured Search is a leading cloud orchestration, management and analytics platform for Apache Solr. Delivering cloud agnostic search as a managed service, Measured Search offers software and services that automate Solr management and administration in the cloud, improves stability and performance, provides comprehensive end-user search analytics, and on demand Solr expertise.