Introducing Custom JAR Support for Apache Solr deployments via SearchStax Dashboard

SearchStax by Measured Search premium customers have been enjoying the ability to utilize custom JARs within their deployments running Apache Solr through our Support team. At Measured Search, we love cloud automation and strive to figure out ways for our customers to speed up their development and release cycles. Previously, deploying custom JARs took anywhere from a half a day to two business days. The process included opening a support ticket, deploying the custom JAR’s, and then communicating successful deployment back to the customer. The customer would then be enabled to start using the new capability that they built.

We felt we could do better. Today, we have released the ability for our customers to deploy custom JARs themselves to their SolrCloud deployments through SearchStax Cloud Manager. SearchStax Gold and above customers now no longer have to go through our support team to deploy their JARs within their Apache Solr deployments.  They can utilize the SearchStax Dashboard to completely control which JARs to deploy and when they want to deploy them.

The JAR files are added and managed through the JARs page within the SearchStax dashboard.


For step-by-step instructions see Adding Custom JARs to a Deployment.