Announcing our Android SDK for Search Analytics

Announcing our Android SDK for Search Analytics

Here at Measured Search, we are on a mission to help our customers create highly relevant, efficient and engaging experiences by providing superior search analytics. Today, we took one step further by releasing our SDK for Android apps.

We are particularly excited about it because it makes things really easy for developers to install Measured Search analytics on an Android app to track searches and user behavior.

The SDK integration with you Android app enables you to:

1. Track searches, no result searches, clicks to understand what your users are looking for

2. Identify opportunities with content that are not getting eyeballs or not converting

3. Measure conversions, use metrics to track search results ranking & relevance changes

4. Get notified of unusual trends in search behavior & get weekly summaries

Installing Measured Search onsite search analytics on your Android app is very straight forward. Please refer to Measured Search Android integration.

Why search analytics over Android app is important?  

Android completely dominates the global smartphone market with 80% market share. As of September 3, 2013, 1 billion Android devices have been activated & collectively people have done more than 50 billions app installations.


This nos. not only shows the spectacular growth of Android but also the emergence of smarphone as a device which would dominate every aspect of our digital life. Be it digital consumption, shopping or communication, it will replace desktop computers further and further.

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And given the nature of limited screen space on Mobile, people would ditch the navigations we are very accustomed to on websites and use only the search interface on the website to get the info they want. And that makes it a must for every online business to look for ways to enhance the search experience on its website.

Measured Search makes it insanely easy, as it support in-app mobile search analytics along with on-site search analytics.

You can find out more about Measured Search helps you here on Search Analytics features page. You can also signup for 15 days free trial account on our signup page.

If you have any queries about the integration or about our product, contact us on

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