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Year: 2020

searchstax solr 7.7

We’re pleased to announce that Apache Solr Versions 6.6.3,  6.6.6, and 8.3.1 are now available on all SearchStax plans. This brings the list of available Solr versions up to an even dozen! See the full list of Solr Versions in the SearchStax documentation. Some of the Solr versions are more highly recommended than others, based […]

Does your entire Solr team need access to the Big Red Switch? To billing information? We didn’t think so. SearchStax User Roles give your team the tools they need while reserving critical features to the project leaders. Complex projects require a fine division of user roles for supervision, development, and security. SearchStax allows the account […]

searchstax solr webhooks

We are thrilled to announce support for webhooks for alerts in SearchStax Solr deployments.  Webhooks enable real-time notifications for DevOps teams to improve collaboration, reporting, and incident response. What are Webhooks? Webhooks are a mechanism for real-time communication between two applications. Unlike typical APIs, where applications need to poll for data frequently in order to […]